CFDC of CIFN Loans and Assistance

The CFDC of Central Interior First Nations currently has five separate lending pools.


  • General Investment Fund ($75,000 max.)
  • Youth Investment Fund ($25,000 max.)
  • Loans for Persons with Disabilities ($75,000 max.)
  • Community Business Loans Program ($75,000 max.)
  • Community-Based Micro-Lending Circles ($4,000 max. per circle)


We require a well prepared and presented business plan as part of your loan application. You will also be asked to fill out a personal financial net worth statement and provide permission to do a personal credit check.

We may request that you obtain a loan guarantor, as we may require collateral. It is important that you understand that each loan requested and each individual applicant is assessed on an individual merit.

We are occasionally 'lenders' of last resort and we recognize that, although you may have had credit difficulties in the past, there is a point in each person's life when they need a chance. We look for character, commitment, collateral and credit in our clients. The reason that character and commitment are listed first is because without those two strengths the other two will not matter.


  • Complete Application form
  • Business Plan
  • Personal Financial Net Worth Statement
  • Personal Credit Check
  • (possible) Loan Guarantor/ Collatoral
  • Character, Commitment, Collateral, Credit
CFDC of CIFN Templates

Community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations understands that in providing templates ensures our clients our able to provide all the necessary information we require from clients making applications to our business lending programs.

The following templates are Microsoft Word or Excel documents that require Microsoft Word or Excel 1997-2003 version (or later)

Business Plan Simplified Plan Business Guide Income Revenue Cash Flow